Anna Nicole Bullshit

Okay! So what is the fucking deal with Anna Nicole. I don’t have time to read up on her fucked up life [and death] story but the way we’ve been bombarded by the MSM, would make you think a Nobel Laureate was dead.

Who the hell is she? I mean she got knocked up in her teens. Had a baby. The guy knocked her up and left. She becomes a lap dancer and to feed her family. Yeah right. Then comes this old fag who takes a liking to her coz she gives him a lap dance. And allows him to kiss and fondle her bigger-than-average boobs. Next you know, the old fag decides to marry her and she agrees. Of course she would. Who’d let go of the old guy who could die the next day with $1.8 billion in dough?

The guy dies and she fights it out with his family for a share of the dough. Makes sense, coz thats the reason she got married anyway right? Then she gets a boob job and poses for Playboy and maybe sleeps around with half of Hollywood. Thats her only claim to fame. Her son, from her teen years, dies of drug abuse. Then she dies of drug abuse.

And that does it for the MSM. All hell breaks loose. Morning noon or night, any channel you flick on, there she is. Debating on her life and legacy (legacy… yeah wtf!!!). The only questions they keep asking you are these:

How did she die?
What happens to her body?
Who gets the baby?
Who gets the money?
Who is the father of her child?

Yeah, apparently 5 guys have decided to stake their claim on the baby. So how many guys did she actually sleep with? Every week there is a new guy coming up and saying he might be the father. Fuck maybe I’m the father. Once when I masturbated watching Skyscraper (a soft core porno flick (well almost)), maybe my guys flew over in dreamland and impregnated her.

It has been almost 2 weeks, if not more, and yet the saga continues every night. I don’t understand it. What the hell is wrong with us and the MSM? The MSM usually say that they don’t show anything what people don’t wanna watch. So who watches this shit? A lot of people I’ve asked around are tired of watching this BS on screen every night and don’t care what happens. So who actually are these invisible people who care so much about what happens to her.

It is beyond me. Can someone help me understand?


~ by corrupted mind on February 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Anna Nicole Bullshit”

  1. Everyone cares… Everyone has to know more about that scanky piece of white trash… Who’s got the right DNA? Who gets all that dough? Is it me? Is it me? Hell, who doesn’t want to be the father of that kid? (except they’d have to have put their thing up that thing… ick)

    It’s life and death in Hollywood.

    Never mind that our sons and fathers are dieing or worse, being turned into killers so Exxon can corner the market on Iraqi Oil! Never mind… La-la-la-la-la…

    I’m going to finish my glass of wine and go to bed now.

  2. Kita Kazoo:

    You see, you are yet another person who thinks that way so who exactly are those people for whom the MSM is dishing out this trashy story day in and day out. I wanna shoot Larry (old-fag) King now.

  3. What a pity that our society has turned its attention to a fake boobed, drug using voluptuous woman for inspiration or otherwise…

    Even in death her popularity/notoriety fails to wane…u just wonder

  4. bizzle4rizzle

    exactly. it is beyond me and I can’t understand how the MSM can justify this in any way. it is fucking sad. very sad.

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