Corrupted thoughts. Yet another blog.

Well, to start with these aren’t corrupted thoughts but they are labeled so nevertheless when you can’t be “politically correct”. So rather than someone else doing it. I’ll do it myself. I’ll call it corrupted thoughts of a corrupt mind.

Everyone in this fucked up world of ours has become too damn sensitive. You can’t say anything that is on your mind bluntly otherwise you might up hurting the delicate fucking sensibilities of one or another group of people. This is a way for me to get away from all that. There won’t be any diplomatic-speak here. My thoughts, unadulterated.

I will be completely anonymous. No care in the world. No friends and acquaintances or co-workers judging me and my thoughts. The thoughts from the darkest confines of my brain and some rather childishly innocent thoughts. I won’t tell you my age. I won’t tell you where I am from. I won’t dwell too much on the stats of my blog and how many readers subscribe to it. And yes, I won’t get into baseless arguments with trolls as well. While I love and enjoy debate, bring something to the table if you really want a response. Idiots won’t be entertained.

Just random thoughts of a normal person.


~ by corrupted mind on February 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Corrupted thoughts. Yet another blog.”

  1. Have fun!

    PS. Better get a cloaking device or someone will be able to look up your DNS and find you…

  2. This is what makes us all unique. we are all different.
    Life is not how you make it ,life is how you take it.
    Prepare for it. Tomorrow it is coming again.ready for it?

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