This is for Americans

A little lesson for you Yanks. A lesson in the English language. Not the finer nuances of the language, which most of you are too stupid to grasp anyways, but just a small little lesson on the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

I hate people who spell incorrectly and again and again I find that people whose first language is English make this basic mistake. It is not “your stupid”, stupid. It is “you’re stupid.” “You’re President” isn’t a moron, its “your President” who is a moron. Just understand that “you’re” means “you are”.

And visit this link if you still have trouble understanding.


~ by corrupted mind on July 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “This is for Americans”

  1. Whatabout Kickars as in Kick Ass. I wish those stupid yanks would drop a few rrrrrs and get stuck into their esssses instead. I am allergic to stupid pronunciation and can no longer enjoy an american movie. Perhaps I shoul say filllum. Like in “filum up Sam” (Uncle Sam that is)……..

  2. I agree Graham. They are ruining the beautiful English language… and then they have the audacity to poke fun at the Irish, Scottish, English and Australian accents.

    Just hear the southern accent. Seems like those people have got something stuck in their throats…

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