Wake the fuck up

I don’t know what will wake up the US citizens from their material slumber. This regime is sodomizing them everyday and yet they fail to see it. About 30% of them are actually loving the experience and want more. Sickos!! And the rest of the 70% with a few exceptions make a little hue and cry and take stupid pictures saying “Sorry Everybody” and get on with their lives. What a nation!!!

In the latest example of screwing the US public and then laughing at their ignorance and inability to do anything, the MORON in chief pardons Libby. Yea, the same Libby that disclosed the identity of a CIA operative Valerie Plame and all because her husband criticised the regime for their blatant disregard for the constitution. Then this criminal lied and tried to cover up the whole thing. This is a guy that Cheney calls a dear friend. And now inspite of being convicted by a court of law, he has been pardoned by the bastard. But well, he did everyone a favor by at least not writing off the 250k fine that was meted out by the court. Oh! how considerate. Maybe Cheney will pay for it from the Halliburton account.

Just stunning. But go out and ask any 20 something year old in the street about this news and they’ll stare at you like you’re talking of a different planet. But ask them about Paris and her jailhouse stint and they will probably show you photos of her catwalk after the release. Shameful!


~ by corrupted mind on July 3, 2007.

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