Fuck Diplomacy

Don’t come looking here on the definition of life, happiness or anything even remotely purposeful. A lot of people knew me on my last blog and that inhibited me from sharing any politically incorrect thoughts on the blog.

It is sad that we have to be diplomatic and politically correct in our real life all the time and it was getting to the point that I had to be that way even on my blog. This is a way for me to get away from all that and write whatever I damn well please, regardless of how people perceive it. You wanna judge me? Go ahead. Be my guest.

I might write about religions, races, cultures and countries and you might find it offensive. But these are my thoughts. Often just fleeting thoughts.

The language will be what I use normally in any conversation when I am with friends. Expletives and four letter words won’t be discarded in an attempt to please the delicate sensibilities of readers.

My pent up emotions will get a wing on this blog.

My anger will get a release on this blog.

My prejudices will be dished out uninhibited on this blog.

If you still wanna keep reading. Thank you is what I say.


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